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black and grey script tattoo

Black and grey script tattoo

  Yet another black and grey tattoo for our beloved client. Everyone knows what festivity and enjoyment Vegas brings to life. This one is very special too with its own backstory in place. This...

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Anubis tattoo

Black and Grey Anubis tattoo

Anubis, the God from Ancient Greek mythology is better known for watching over the departed. Also, the protector of the graves. Anubis symbolizes not only as the power in afterlife but also: rebirth. This...

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custom black grey samurai tattoo

Black and Grey Samurai tattoo

The black and grey tattoo in the picture is a classic example of a coverup tattoo for one of our clients . This halfsleeve tattoo almost completely covers the are from shoulders to the...

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gasmask tattoo

Black and Grey Gasmask Tattoo

This half sleeve black and grey gasmask tattoo art is a unique by its own meaning. It features the hidden truth of life, the struggles, harsh path surrounding the innocent and childish beauty of...

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