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Colorful tattoo is simply a tattoo art that is performed with multiple colors other than black and grey. These tattoo definitely looks more lively than it’s black and white cousins. While it costs a bit higher, the results are the best!

colorful flower tattoo with script

Colorful flower tattoo with script

    Script tattoos have been in trend for many years. Not only does they add a direct message, but they also reflect one’s personality better. Combine that with a colorful piece of art...

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colorful ankle tattoo

Colorful ankle tattoo

  Colorful ankle tattoo looks subtle, has a bold fashion statement, yet extremely appealing. Ladies, it’s time you make those ankles dazzle with all the hidden meanings of your heart’s desire. Ankle tattoos have...

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colorful flower tattoo

Beautiful colorful flower tattoo

  Apart from theme oriented tattoos, color tattoos in the form of pure artistic impressions are the new trend. Most people think that when you get a tattoo it should be of “something” that...

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flower and script tattoo

Colorful flower and script tattoo design

This colorful flower and script tattoo was designed by one of our brilliant tattoo artists. The tattoo performs an artistic blend of scripture and and a simple flower to deliver a strong message. Tattoo...

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