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Halfsleeve tattoo, as the name of suggests, is a tattoo till start of elbow from the shoulder. this could either be on the outer arm or wrap around the outer and inner arm.

Buddha With Lotus

Buddha With Lotus Tattoo

There are so many religions and culture around the world. In which Buddhism is one of the most common and colorful religion one. Buddhism is so much popular and in tradition due to Gautama...

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polynesian half sleeve tattoo at tattoo studio kolkata

Polynesian half sleeve tattoo

The tradition of tattooing is a historical part of the Polynesian culture. It dates back decades and centuries and still followed by ceremonies and rituals. Similarly, the Polynesian tattoo design embeds some of the...

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Anubis tattoo

Black and Grey Anubis tattoo

Anubis, the God from Ancient Greek mythology is better known for watching over the departed. Also, the protector of the graves. Anubis symbolizes not only as the power in afterlife but also: rebirth. This...

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traditional old school american style tattoo

Traditional American style tattoo

This traditional American style tattoo is a vibrant “old school” type artwork. Our professional artists and the client worked together with the theme. Thus, resulting in a beautifully executed themed tattoo. Since, we always...

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custom black grey samurai tattoo

Black and Grey Samurai tattoo

The black and grey tattoo in the picture is a classic example of a coverup tattoo for one of our clients . This halfsleeve tattoo almost completely covers the are from shoulders to the...

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gasmask tattoo

Black and Grey Gasmask Tattoo

This half sleeve black and grey gasmask tattoo art is a unique by its own meaning. It features the hidden truth of life, the struggles, harsh path surrounding the innocent and childish beauty of...

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