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Abstract colorful Tattoo

Colorful Abstract Tattoo

This tattoo signifies freedom, mostly the freedom of women. Freedom is a condition in which people have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. Freedom is important because it...

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Angel tattoo

Colorful Angel Tattoo

An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. Abraham religions often depict angels as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God and Humanity. This tattoo designs ambassadors...

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Shiva with Mandala Tattoo

Shiva with Mandala Tattoo

Lord Shiva is the most powerful entity in the Hindu Mythology. You have been various tattoos of Shiva which implicate the power and rage of Shiva. But there are very few tattoos about the...

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Dog portrait on hand

Dog Portrait Tattoo

It’s true that a dog is human best friend-just looks at those eyes in this tattoo! If your heart doesn’t swell when looking at this adorable dog. We don’t know what will. Dog lovers...

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Shiva Tattoo

Shiva Tattoo On Hand

He main power in all god heads. Shiva is the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon. Shiva is also called as Mahadeva which means God of all Gods or Supreme God. He has...

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Zeus tattoo

Zeus Tattoo

Carapace Tattoo & Piercing  heavily inspired by different mythologies, some believed in Hindu mythology, some believe in Egyptian Mythology and some of us believe in Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is one of the oldest...

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Armour Tattoo

Black and Grey Armour Tattoo

The word “Armour” began to appear in the middle ages as a derivative of Old French. It is dated from 1297 as a “mail, defensive covering worn in combat”. The word originates from the...

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Custom Heart Tattoo

line Work Heart Custom Tattoo

Passion is a very strong feeling about something or a strong in something. If you have a passion for something , you have a very strong interest in it and like it very much....

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Lord Ganesha Tattoo

Oriental Ganesha Tattoo

The Orient is the eastern part of Asia. The Orient culture includes countries and regions like Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Twaian. Asia is a much larger continent which includes places like India,...

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