Our Team of Professional Tattoo artists in Kolkata, Delhi NCR

Our team of professional tattoo artists in Kolkata, India and Delhi NCR, India studios are capable of delivering the high standards of artwork that you would expect. Motivation, experience, inspiration and dedication are what drives us every moment, so much that it has become a part of us. We are more than a team, we are a family.

After starting my career as an artist manager and have worked with the biggies of Bollywood I came down to Kolkata to work as a manager for a Tattoo Studio. Working in the creative field and being associated with the entertainment industry has always been my forte, thus on the 9th of November 2013 began my own brand of body art studio CARAPACE TATTOO & PIERCING..

This sphere of work gives me enough room to explore my creative avenues for I’m also a Piercing & a Tattoo artist. This is the best part of my profession is that I nurture various forms of alter ego with the likes of a Tattoo.


I can still recollect the first day I stepped into a tattoo studio to get a tattoo for the first time. Actually, not even a tattoo studio, but a beauty salon, for back in 2007-2008, Kolkata hardly had any proper tattoo studio. It’s been a long journey from that small tribal tattoo on my neck, till this day on which I write this, almost 3.5 years as an artist myself!. Being a tattoo artist is more than a profession, it’s a lifestyle, where you leave a mark, your mark, for the rest of their lives. And, over the years I have learnt to both fear & respect this fact. I don’t have a ‘style’ of tattooing yet, & I would prefer not to have one at least not for another 3 or 4 years because that would be an insult to the art form unless I master the basics. For me, tattooing is not fashion, its passion. Cheers.


Journey of a software engineer, a client, turning an apprentice! Tempting throughout my childhood, Skin Art made me work on my own body my very own Skin. It’s been 2 years now that I am working with CARAPACE, still exploring and learning the world of infinite art with beautiful souls. My approach towards the tattoo art is bit different. Tattoo for fashion is a cliché for me! An art without meaning are just random lines assembled. I believe in providing the art that speaks in its own language. I call Big Solid black and Dotwork tattoos my forte..

A firm believer of “Your skin is a blank slate, don’t waste it by keeping it that way” !!


Honestly, I clear my mind every time I go about doing my business. The herculean journey starting from being a civil engineer to being a tattoo artist has been more of a transition from one world to another world altogether – A world I’ve secretly painted in my mind as a child, an image I kept painting as I’ve emerged at every step of my life. Art has been my childhood love, my first and foremost that left me for a while and came back crushing through my heart and I started off once again on a journey unknown. It was only when a very dear friend encouraged me to dive deeper that I gave tattooing a try.
There’s a general notion that tattooing is tougher than what’s done on paper or canvas. But, I feel that for an artist everything – no matter where you draw – whether its paper or skin – it’s still treading on the same path. Nothing is ever difficult if you really give it a shot.
Whenever I’m tattooing, I keep improvising. Water color and dot work being my favorite – I try to be as open and as diverse as possible. For me, ‘art’ and tattooing has always been the same thing – every body is a canvas to paint on, every soul is echoing to be engraved.



The world of tattoos always used to have an appeal to my inner self. A year and a half ago, I saw a video on YouTube about making a homemade tattoo machine and I was very interested about it. Thus my journey begins. I just loved to try out different art related things and found that tattooing satisfies my thirst for it. So, I started to practice in my own house and started tattooing in 2017(Jan) as a freelancer. Still, something was missing; I realized I needed a better platform. A window of opportunity came knocking on my front door one day, as I found and joined Carapace Tattoo and Piercing Studio. I thank Krishnendu Biswas for giving me this lovely opportunity, I am at peace with myself….


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